5 Tips to Stand Out as a Candidate

At Propeller, we receive 100 or more applications per week. We love to see such great interest in our firm because we are rapidly growing and hungry to find bright and eager Propellerites. The task of reviewing all the resumes is immense as we are searching for just the right ingredients that make a successful consultant. If you are interested in one of our roles and want to make your application stand out, then follow these five tips:

Do customize your resume to highlight the skills and competencies we are seeking. We tell you a lot about what we are seeking in our job description: a problem solver, a strong communicator, a project manager, a client service-minded professional, and more. If those attributes and experiences are clearly outlined in your resume, they will be a lot easier for us to spot

Do focus on accomplishments. We want to hear about what you actually accomplished in your prior roles, not just what your responsibilities were. If you can quantify your results, then even better

Do be creative. On our application we ask all candidates to briefly explain what makes them unique. This is an opportunity to stand out and tell us some interesting facts about your life outside your day-to-day work. Are you an aspiring improv comedian? Do you have a special hidden talent? Do you speak 6 languages?

Don’t submit without proofreading your resume and cover letter. If we see a cover letter riddled with typos and grammar mistakes, then we’ll likely reject the application. And it is not just because we are being picky. It is because our clients expect excellent communication skills and if you can’t represent that in your application, then you probably will not represent that when we send you to a client

And speaking of cover letters, don’t forget to include one! While we do not require a cover letter, it always impresses us when a candidate takes the time to write a thoughtful and customized cover letter. It does not have to be long, but tell us why you want to work at Propeller and why it makes sense in your career story.

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