Celebrating 10 Years of Propeller with 10 Employee Stories

Ten years ago, the world was introduced to Gangnam Style, Facebook held its IPO, McKayla Maroney was unimpressed at the Olympics, Obama won his reelection, and Amy Weeden and Jeff Foley started Propeller.

Over the past decade, there’s been a lot of change. We’ve expanded to new states and time zones, collaborated with new clients, added new practice areas, became an ESOP company, and welcomed hundreds of new people into the firm. None of this would have been possible without the individual and collective contributions of everyone at the firm.

When Propeller opened its doors ten years ago, the intent was to build a company focused on people. At our core, we’ve always been a bet on people. We wanted to take a moment to reflect on the past 10 years, celebrate our people and their accomplishments, share memorable moments, and look ahead to the future.

What Does 10 Years Mean to You?

Jess Brown, Senior Director of People Strategy, Joined IN 2015

“I joined the firm 3 years into that 10-year mark, and I think about my first team meeting. It was a small office of about 40 people, and I just felt so much energy in that room. Now I reflect 10 years later, having those same meetings, you still feel that same energy. The fact that we are able to keep bringing new folks into the firm, new clients, and new services, and we’re still keeping that same Propeller ethos. That feeling is magical. There’s so much potential ahead.”

Trace Wallace, Experience Design Practice Director, Joined IN 2017

“When I reflect on the past 10 years, the word trust immediately comes to mind. We’ve established trust with our clients, our communities, and our people. This milestone wouldn’t be possible without that trust.”

Kendall Womack, Consultant, Joined IN 2020

“I joined Propeller just weeks before everything shut down due to COVID. I remember shortly thereafter, joining an all-firm meeting led by Propeller CEO Amy Weeden, and she immediately shared that the firm’s main goal was to keep the company — and its people — intact. That was a memorable moment for me because it showed that I was cared for as an employee and what strong leadership looks like. Not only have we come out of the pandemic with so much growth ahead of us, but it also empowered us as individuals to rally under great leadership and direction to find a way to thrive.”

John Mullen, Director, Joined IN 2017

“What stands out to me at Propeller is the level of grit and drive that is balanced against the human side of doing business. My wife went into labor four weeks early and I was on the phone trying to plan for the unexpected coverage, and my colleague said – ‘Stop. Go be with your family. I’ve got this.’ For me, 10 years means continuing to push and challenge ourselves to grow in new ways while embodying the foundational ethos that has gotten us this far. Propeller’s constant growth creates an environment where the needs of the firm are constantly changing. And that creates the freedom to explore the potential.”

Brittney Frees, Consultant, Joined IN 2021

“At Propeller, I am surrounded by brilliant, helpful people who value my work and trust me to execute well. Leadership is transparent, intentional, and recognizes employees for their work. Looking ahead, I’m excited about growth, scale, and continuous improvement. And continuing to work with people I’m lucky enough to call my friends.”

John LaManna, Director, Joined IN 2014

“Propeller blends the dynamism of a start-up with the stability of an established business model, which allows employees the best of both worlds — wide open growth opportunities and a strong sense of career security. We have a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing, which enables individuals to grow and thrive while also enabling the firm’s growth. Although 10 years feels like a long time, it also feels like Propeller is just hitting its stride.”

Bryan Rogers, Director, Joined IN 2015

“I feel really lucky to have been here for so much of that 10-year journey. When I started there were only about 30 people and now there are well over 200. Getting to help so many people find a place where they can not only be challenged but thrive and really grow their careers is incredibly meaningful to me.”

Linda Villarreal, Senior Finance Lead, Joined IN 2018

“When I look at the company that was created, the amazing work everyone has done, and really, how beautifully Propeller has impacted people's lives, to me, that is a true celebration of 10 years. Knowing that this company that was created is supporting so many people and so many families and their communities is a moment to celebrate.”

Amy Weeden, CEO and Co-Founder, Joined IN 2012

“When I think about the past 10 years, I think the overriding emotion is gratitude. Propeller is about the efforts and energies of a lot of folks. So, gratitude to the clients that took a chance on us when we started the firm, gratitude to the folks who joined us early on when they had other opportunities, and gratitude to everyone that has joined since then. We’ve always been focused on growth and that sentiment continues when I look forward to the next 10 years. And not just growing revenue and headcount but growing the skillsets of our people and strengthening the strong culture we’ve built and maintained the past 10 years.”

Sunil Kasturi, Chief Growth Officer, Joined IN 2013

“The 10-year mark is not a point in time, it's not a flag that has been planted. It's more a point in the continuum of where we arrived, and taking a moment to really enjoy it, celebrate it, but also being aware that there's some amazing opportunity ahead of us. How do we continue this journey with our consultants, leadership team, and clients, and think about what that looks like and what that future entails? And being well on the way there as we cross the 10-year mark feels really exciting.”

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