Values are increasingly critical to today’s healthcare organizations, which operate in an environment in which disruption has become a constant. Health leaders must fight the noise created by disruption in order to deliver on their deepest-held beliefs, and a values-based strategy can clarify, motivate and reenergize health care employees. 

Consider, for example, Baylor Scott & White Health, where 85 percent of employees report that their work has special meaning.  A healthcare organization able to tie its core purpose, providing patient care, with a higher value — changing the world through acts of kindness and generosity, in the case of Baylor Scott & White — can motivate a custodian or technician to respond more efficiently to a call.

In a recent article in Healthcare Business Today, Propeller Co-Founder and Managing Partner Jeff Foley details how and why a values-based strategy can be so effective in the health care industry. 

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