Keeping Pace with Technology Requires a Full Court Press

Industry leaders today are choosing tech transformation to drive business transformation 

The dizzying pace of today’s technological change has fundamentally changed how companies compete to win. Tech organizations of all sizes—while continuing to embrace Agile as a delivery model—are seeking consistent, scalable, and reliable approaches capable of making continuous business transformation happen. This natural evolution gained its momentum as a result of smart questions companies were asking:  

What’s next? How do I scale and manage the technological complexity of our operation but still maintain an agile mindset? And how do I ensure that I can bring that technology to market in a continuous and secure way that is free of quality issues?  

The end goal of this tech transformation? The ability to release new capabilities continuously, aggregate technologies into service-based offerings, keep software secure against increasingly complex security threats, and stay in lockstep or ahead of customers. It demands an all-in commitment from leaders because the opportunities for growth and the outcome metrics now make it impossible to look the other way.

“In 2020, the question was how fast could IT partner with business leaders to deliver collaboration, workflow, and analytics capabilities in the cloud. This trend will extend into 2021, but with a difference: IT leaders will shift from a reactive posture to proactive, strategic digital transformation initiatives.” 
— Isaac Sacolick, author of Driving Digital: The Leader's Guide to Business Transformation through Technology

Four transformational elements with a customizable twist

From the time Propeller opened our doors in 2012, we’ve led large-scale business transformations for clients across people, process, and technology. Propeller has, in fact, traveled a close-knit journey with Agile—to what is now a more well-rounded approach: end-to-end tech transformation solutions that adapt four core elements to every client scenario: agile transformation, product management, tech delivery and strategy, and devops.  

“Clients face increasingly complex business challenges requiring essential, insightful views across all four transformation services.”
— Sunil Kasturi, Chief Growth Officer, Propeller

This new model—critical transformation services under one umbrella practice—illuminates an integrated and complete perspective that helps leaders make better decisions. And because of our size as a consulting firm, Propeller offers the opposite of an off-the-shelf solution. With necessary speed, agility, and creativity, Propeller can execute a more customized and personalized solution for every client.

Embracing tech transformation as business transformation

Companies looking to mature an area of their business typically look at three variables: people, process, and technology. Propeller’s clients span the entire range of technology maturity, and we still provide clients with one-off solutions in the technology space where they most need to grow. However, an accelerated and more competitive market today is motivating companies to embrace end-to-end tech transformation solutions that drive more innovative, smarter, faster, and safer transformations capable of delivering bigger, more sustainable results. 

It goes without saying that this deeper business transformation across agile, devops, product management, and tech delivery—impacting people, process, and technology—requires a shift in cultural and operational processes. Our teams, detailed below, cover this ground at the highest strategic levels through detailed implementation executions.

Agile Transformation

The benefits of Agile are clear: happier teams, increased productivity, and active progress toward realizing business value. In today’s fast-paced world, organizations that embrace Agile adapt quickly to changing consumer demand. By leveraging Agile, companies can gain greater clarity, more accurate priorities, and clear progress toward realizing business value.

Agile Coaching and Execution, Product Ownership, Agile Maturity Assessment, Adoption & Coaching, Agile Tool Selection, Agile Change Management

Product Management

Product management is at the intersection of technology, business operations, and user experience. This essential focus is at the heart of any organization to match internal business priorities to customer needs. Propeller is experienced in curating strategic visions through customer and market insights, developing successful launch roadmaps, and steering failing products back on track. Our consultants bring marketplace experience and a clear understanding of product strategy best practices and tools.

Product Ownership, Product Management, Product Strategy, Product Vision & Innovation, Product Roadmap, Product Rescue

Tech Delivery & Strategy

Propeller’s Tech Strategy focus consists of objectives, principles, and tactics that allow an organization to gain competitive advantages and stay relevant with their customers. Tech Delivery is the execution of those technical strategies to deliver desired outcomes. We have an extensive track record of successfully managing large, complex projects in the tech space including e-Commerce initiatives, ERP rollouts, vendor integrations, system upgrades, platform transformations, and cloud migrations. We leverage the best of proven methodologies while also being flexible and agile in order to drive results for our client partners.

Technology Project/ Program Management, Technology Strategy, Technical Roadmap, Risk Mitigation, Program Governance, Technical Evaluations

DevOps Transformation

DevOps is the practice of operations and technical development participating together across the entire service lifecycle—from design through the development process to production support. Propeller partners with clients to expand DevOps culture, as well as tool selection and implementation, and process development. Our consultants facilitate continuous delivery and ongoing production support.

Agile Coaching and Execution, DevOps Support, Service Lifecycle Design & Development

Assess first, and go from there

The process of redefining business goals and solution strategies, optimizing technology product delivery, organizing teams to deliver exceptional value, and doing it all while effectively identifying and mitigating corporate risk is a complicated undertaking. Companies from medium size to global enterprises can start with a guided assessment that provides a clear-eyed look at the current maturity level across a company’s people, process, and technology scaffolding. From there, steps tied closely to business goals and outcomes will emerge.

Whether you’re a current Propeller client or a prospective client looking to evaluate and discover specific ROI outcomes for an end-to-end technology transformation, we are ready to answer your questions. 

Access more details about Propeller’s Tech Transformation practice offering here. Learn how an end-to-end tech transformation encompassing agile, product management, tech delivery, and devops can be customized to meet your specific business goals.

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