Meet Mauricio Sánchez de la Paz. Born and raised in Mexico, Mauricio was recruited to the United States to become a professional squash player. After he took the SATs however, he realized his talents off the court could take him even further. Mauricio decided to study economics at Princeton and then received his MBA at Vanderbilt. It was in school that he learned that he had a passion for numbers and seeing through complexity and constraints to arrive at a clear solution. After working as a transfer pricing consultant for a few years, he learned about Propeller. We interviewed Mauricio to learn his career story and what led him to us.   

1. What interested you most about consulting?  What made you decide that this was your next career move? 

My first job after college was being a data analyst for an insurance company. Although I appreciated the quantitative skills I was learning, I felt something was missing. I craved more interactions with people rather than just looking at data. After doing some research, I decided that consulting would give me the opportunity to work with others while still developing my analytical skills. 

One of the most appealing things about consulting is that it allows you to experience different industries as well as different roles consistently. You never get bored because you are always learning a new corporate culture or a new business process or possibly working in a completely new industry. I see consulting as a life-long career. For me, there aren’t any other careers where you can experience numerous and varied business scenarios at such a fast pace. 

2. You’re originally from Mexico. What are the biggest challenges of working in management consulting in a new country? What are the biggest advantages?

Small talk is different in the US. That can be sometimes be challenging while at the same time entertaining. Clients will often want to bond over American football but I do not really understand it. In Mexico, I can easily discuss soccer.

Similar to the US, business in Mexico is intertwined with personal relationships but there are some slight differences with cultural norms that I have to be cognizant of. For example, people in the US are actually on time for meetings, which I really enjoy.

Regardless of location, I cater my approach to clients depending on the client need. 

3. What do you like most about working at Propeller?

I enjoy having balance while still being able to work in consulting. Most consulting companies require you to travel and work very long hours. At Propeller, consultants work with different clients without having to travel, which makes a big difference in quality of life. 

4. What do you think are the biggest challenges clients face in Portland and what are the biggest benefits of partnering with a consultant?

One of the biggest challenges clients face in Portland is competition for talent. With San Francisco and Seattle nearby, clients here face a limited talented pool. Partnering with consultants allows clients to work with talent that is often difficult to find in Portland. They get access to highly analytical and business savvy individuals, which also gives them a competitive advantage. 

5. What do you like to do outside of work?

I still like to play Squash a couple of times a week. I was surprised to find a competitive group of players in Portland. I also enjoy taking Salsa lessons and spending time with friends. During the summer, I enjoy running. I live close to Forest Park and I like exploring the various trails to exercise.

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