Propeller Named a Fortune Best Place to Work

#60 on the 2022 Fortune Best Medium Workplaces List

Great Place to Work® and Fortune magazine have honored Propeller as a Best Medium Workplaces™. Our people are the cornerstone of our company and our culture—and the reason we’ve been awarded this honor.

Almost a quarter of a million employees from Great Place to Work-Certified™ companies with 100 to 999 U.S. employees were surveyed to determine the Best Medium Workplaces list. Based on the survey results from our people, 97% said Propeller is a great place to work, as compared to 57% of employees at a typical U.S.-based company.


What makes Propeller such a great place to work?

Our people are our culture; they are what makes us a great place to work. Culture isn’t created by one person. It is something that we build and work on together. We work hard to create a culture that supports our people and their growth. 

But what is it truly like working at Propeller? We wanted to share five data insights from the survey results that earned us this accolade—and how they translate to the employee experience.

99% say management is competent at running the business 

Employees are empowered to do their best work when they have confidence in their leaders. It creates an environment of trust and security. The past few years have been a rollercoaster of unpredictability for many businesses. One thing that has remained true at Propeller is open communication and transparency from our leaders. Whether that’s updated benefits in response to changing environmental needs to transparent communication on revenue goals and progress. Propeller opened its doors with the intent to keep the focus on people. When you put people first, you’re planting the seeds of trust. That trust is grown one meaningful interaction at a time.

I joined Propeller just weeks before everything shut down due to COVID. Shortly thereafter, I remember joining an all-firm meeting led by Propeller CEO Amy Weeden. She immediately shared that the firm’s main goal was to keep the company — and its people — intact. That was a memorable moment for me because it showed that I was cared for as an employee and what strong leadership looks like. Not only have we come out of the pandemic with so much growth ahead of us, but it also empowered us as individuals to rally under great leadership and a direction to find a way to thrive.” – Kendall Womack, Portland Consultant

Propeller Chief Growth Officer Sunil Kasturi and Propeller CEO Amy Weeden during our annual ‘Ask Us Anything’ Fishbowl Q&A

99% say our customers would rate the service we deliver as “excellent.”

Service is the heart of our business. So naturally delivering excellent service to our customers is a top priority. In fact, “serve exceptionally” is one of our core cultural ethos that guides our work. For us, that means going beyond doing what’s asked—it’s taking on tougher challenges and bypassing quick fixes and fast answers. Our clients come back to us because, yes, we deliver excellent service, but they hire us back because they trust us. We each gain personal pride and great value from doing good work. The work of our people has helped us achieve a client NPS (Net Promoter Score) of 91.

“As consultants, we are serving others. We are there to make other people successful. We really have to approach it with that humility of ‘I am here to serve.’ And a desire to do that well. There are a lot of challenges that come with this type of work, but with those challenges comes the huge reward at the end. When you get through a really challenging project and you see what you've accomplished, there’s no better feeling. I get a lot of value from that.” – Bryan Rogers, San Francisco Managing Director

99% say they are offered training or development to further themselves professionally

As Propeller grows, so do our people. You can’t achieve one without the other. We put a strong focus on professional development from filling new roles and leadership opportunities first internally to providing an annual growth benefit of $5,250 to support professional development, tuition reimbursement, and student loan repayment. We strive to provide a dynamic and collaborative work environment–and are always looking for ways to improve. In 2021, we launched formalized opportunities for professional and leadership development including new career paths. We also successfully launched a formal leadership development program to provide more robust and equitable support to future leaders, resulting in 66% of program participants being promoted to leadership.

“Propeller has been key to my internal and continuous growth in the last three years to the point of making me feel confident enough to go back to school. In addition to my day-to-day job at Propeller, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to collaborate in some of Propeller’s organizations that support our people and our communities, including Propel HerUplift, and Propeller’s DEI mission.” – Linda Villarreal, Senior Finance Lead

98% say people look forward to coming to work here.

Our people truly are what makes Propeller so great. They are why companies want to work with us and why people want to work for us. The work we’re doing here at Propeller involves solving some pretty complex problems for clients. And that truly requires a love of the work you’re doing.


“What I like most about working at Propeller is the people. I thought I knew what collaboration meant, but at Propeller it is next level. That’s a result of the dynamic nature of our employee structure. You have an army of 100’s of consultants standing behind you, who want you to be successful. I also love working in a place where I know I will be challenged not just in what I do but in how I think. Consulting is inherently ambiguous and uncertain, and while that might strike fear in some organizations, Propeller doubles down on the power of ambiguity— helping all of us understand how to harness uncertainty to drive productive and often far more meaningful results for our clients.” - Annie Lyons, Principal Consultant, Portland

98% say I feel good about the ways we contribute to the community

What makes Propeller unique is the community we foster— in our offices and our communities. We are actively involved in numerous volunteer, philanthropic, and pro-bono partnerships. This commitment to community and corporate responsibility reflects the shared values of our employees. Our community efforts are 100% employee-led. We leverage our consultants’ business acumen and problem-solving skills through our Uplift program to support nonprofits. Last year, almost one-third of our employees participated in pro-bono work.

I’ve done nonprofit work before with other organizations, and often it felt more like photo-ops type work. At Propeller, we have strong support from leadership through budget, time, and coaching. It’s more than just a photo-op, it shows we actually care about being involved in our communities.” – Keely Middleton, Propeller Consultant and Uplift Lead.

Propellerites participating in school drives, speed mentoring with non-profits, and cleaning up community beaches.

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