Propeller Named Fortune Magazine’s 2019 Great Place to Work

How a mid-size firm earned big-time national recognition as a “Great Place to Work”

This morning, Propeller was recognized as a Great Place to Work by Fortune Magazine. Those of us at Propeller already know how special this place is, but making Fortune’s list, among so many other prominent, national companies, has given us an extra dose of energy and put some extra bounce in our step. 

There are other notable, national and regional publications that honor top companies and their unique efforts every year. publishes their Best Workplaces list, while The Business Journals, nominate top workplaces by region in 40 cities across the country. Even our state-wide publication, The Oregonian, publishes an annual “Top Work Places” award.

Fortune’s Great Place to Work list, however, is probably the most prestigious, and nationally lauded awards based on an arduous internal employee survey and an extremely refined vetting process.

Propeller was fortunate enough to be one of two Oregon-based companies to earn this particular nomination for the very first time in the list’s history. We asked our co-founders, Amy Weeden and Jeff Foley, what this award means to them as the founders and leaders of Propeller.

Amy Weeden, CEO

“This is terrific for everyone at Propeller. We’ve worked hard to create a great workplace, we value our employees, we hire people who are capable and driven, and we trust them to do good work.

From the very beginning, Jeff and I set out to build a business that put people first. We believe in putting our money toward investing in people. We understand that people are looking for more than just work and a paycheck. They are looking for community and purpose, and incorporating those things into the employee experience attracts the best and brightest. 

Truly, much of what makes Propeller so special are the people who contribute in many ways. Our community efforts are 100% employee led and add a special dimension to the Propeller employee experience. When one person does a good thing, it is amazing. But when individuals come together to help solve some of our most fundamental problems as a community, it is even more powerful.

Culture isn’t something one person creates alone, but something we all build and work toward together, every day. Our culture enables us to deliver outstanding solutions to our clients, again and again. It allows us to attract and retain great consultants and drives the phenomenal growth rate of the firm year over year. There’s a secret sauce in the combination of great people we hire, the collective diversity of the firm, a culture that values integrity, curiosity, excellence, and growth, and our overarching dedication to our clients’ success.”

Jeff Foley, COO

“It’s a huge honor, but It’s also no surprise to me that Fortune recognized us as a Great Place to Work. I feel it every day. 

A big part of what makes Propeller unique is the community we foster - in the office and in our neighborhoods. It’s easy for company culture to get diluted when consultants are working at client sites for three to six months at a time. To maintain relationships within the firm, and build those cohesive bonds within the company, we sponsor many internal initiatives that employees can choose to participate in. 

We believe that providing these opportunities allows employees the chance to develop working and professional relationships with Propeller colleagues, while advancing our commitment to “Do Good Work.” Our employees are driving strategic initiatives that are making a lasting impact on people inside and outside our firm.

Amy and I, and the leadership, team at Propeller see business as a force for good. We exist to serve our team, our clients, and our communities by adding true value that helps them grow and succeed. For us, this means going above and beyond so that every organization is left better than how we found it.

We’re all in this together, trying to build something great. It’s wonderful to be recognized by Fortune, and to know they see something great in us.”

Thanks Amy and Jeff!

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