What Excites Us Most About Doing Community Work at Propeller?

Our employees are energy bringers who care about doing good work. It may sound simple, but doing good work is at the heart of our business, and this applies to our client engagements as well as our work with the community. When you talk to Propellerites, it’s clear that we have a passion for service. We asked our community service team, Uplift, to tell us what makes them excited about community work at Propeller, and here’s how they answered:

BETHANY ATKINS, propeller alumna • PORTLAND, OR

“Uplift lets me bring the skills I have to bear on missions I care about. It’s inspiring to see the good work that our community partners are doing, and to offer insights or support to extend their reach and effectiveness.”


“I really enjoy taking something I am passionate about outside of work and applying it to my work. If I can ignite that same passion for this type of work in my co-workers, it’s especially rewarding.”


“I get to combine my commitment to helping others with my skills and abilities. It makes me feel like a more holistic contributor to the Portland community.”


“I love the freedom we have to choose which community partners we engage, and seeing how those relationships evolve over time. It is amazing to see how many people in the firm commit to ongoing service with nonprofits and how the type of work they do leverages their skills and experience as consultants. I also enjoy the variety of work. From packaging food for the Oregon Food Bank, or leading short and long term pro-bono projects, to giving campaigns, the opportunities available to us keeps things interesting and fulfilling.”


“I’ve always been inspired by how good corporate responsibility programs can leverage a company’s greatest strengths. At Propeller, our greatest strength is our minds – and I love seeing how our consultants can leverage their skills to build new strategies, help solve tough problems and build stronger foundations by working alongside our nonprofit partners. Our consultants gain new skills and nonprofits can move their work forward in new ways – everyone wins!”


“Volunteering allows me to be engaged in the community in which I live and work. Through service opportunities, I creatively troubleshoot problems in non-traditional environments. Not to mention, I get to see the positive impact of the work real time and connect with some pretty amazing people! I can’t imagine a life without service. I’m proud to work for a company where community service is a part of the company ethos – you really get to be a part of something that is bigger than yourself.”

JEN BIRK, Propeller alumna • PORTLAND, OR

“To be able to intertwine my passion for serving the community and personal values with my day to day work as a consultant at Propeller is a rare and wonderful thing.”

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