Navigating the Change Journey

A Change Management Foundations Workshop for Teams

Change is inevitable—and necessary. It’s what propels you forward. But that doesn’t mean that change isn’t difficult to navigate. Whether your team is challenged with regular change, or you want to provide them a leg up for future transformations — our change management workshop will empower your team along any change journey.

In our Oregon Trail-themed workshop, you and your team will travel together on a wagon party adventure of obstacles, milestones, surprises, decisions, and discoveries. On the trail, you’ll learn to act as change managers and determine how to use the resources you have, leverage your various skills, plan a route forward, handle surprises, and work as a team to continue your journey.

In this workshop, you and your team will:
  • Learn about the foundation of change management and common change frameworks
  • Use and apply change management tools and principles
  • Collaborate in breakout groups for real-time use of skills taught in a playful game scenario
  • Receive resources so learnings can be immediately applied      

This workshop is designed for teams of 12 to 25 but can be adjusted for larger groups. While most impactful in person, the workshop can be modified for virtual and dispersed teams. 

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What people have to say about the workshop:

“This is a great, in-depth workshop on Change Management basics. Our team can utilize the new skills learned to positively impact our work with stakeholders and partners. Hands-on activities and discussions were helpful to reinforce content.” 

“The workshop was engaging and informative. It had the right balance of instructional material and application to our actual roles and responsibilities and fun activities that brought everyone together. There was a natural flow to the content that allowed for the group to customize and dig into real-life scenarios, but still cover an incredible amount of material in a short time.”

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