Your Guide for Navigating Cascading Change in 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic and the Great Resignation have forced companies to scramble to navigate the cascading impact. Most are taking a long look at their future organizational and tech needs, and many are already initiating change. 

Change moments continue to be bigger, influence more people, and hold cross-functional impact. Download the survey eBook to examine four compelling change management trends—and the insights that go with them.

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You Will Learn:

• What types of full-scale organizational transformations are occurring and why
• How large-scale change is affecting people and how to respond
• Insights for effective change management implementation

Who We Surveyed:

• 400 U.S-based professionals across industries 
• Conducted by an independent survey firm at the end of 2021 
• 44% of respondents had a C-suite title 
• 17% of respondents were in senior management roles

Download the survey eBook to successfully manage change in 2022.