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“Remember that exceptional organizations are those that recognize the necessity of orienting strategy around people – customers, employees, and partners. We need simple designs that account for human complexity.”

Adam Bamford knows that a picture is worth far more than a thousand words. A visual storyteller, he transforms complex concepts into engaging images that make what was previously incomprehensible seem suddenly clear. It’s a skill that makes him exceedingly effective as he serves as a strategist and tactician who drives results.

Adam cut his teeth on project delivery as co-owner and manager of a residential land development company in Arizona, which was followed by a leap to Portland in roles delivering work at major footwear/apparel, architectural design, and internet services companies. A director and a key member of the Propeller leadership team, Adam has an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management and a bachelor’s degree in classical guitar performance from Wheaton College – a degree he earned just five years after picking up the guitar for the first time. A father of three, Adam is committed to fitting music-making into the margins of his busy life.

  • Typical Weekend: Kicking up sawdust on their never-ending home renovation of a 1912 craftsman
  • Alternate Career: Cartoon Animator
  • Outlook On Life: He's pretty certain that love will carry the day

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