AJ Oberland Linkedin

Managing Director, Portland

“Put your team members first, regardless of whatever else is vying for your attention.”

AJ Oberland has an aptitude for creating order out of chaos. His advice? Commit to the team and keep your eyes on the goal. An exceptional leader, AJ established his deep business acumen leading teams through software releases, organizational assessments, and complex change initiatives. Playing the role of team captain comes natural to AJ – maybe it’s the die-hard Green Bay Packer fan in him, or his unflagging commitment to seeing a challenge through to victory. Either way, when the bets are placed, his is the team to cheer for. 

AJ honed his consulting and leadership skills during his 10 years at Accenture. He specializes in strategy development and implementation, program and project management, organizational design, and technical assessments and benchmarking. He holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Minnesota.

  • Alternative Career Path: Physics/Calculus Teacher
  • Top Picks for Game Night: Charades, Settlers of Catan, Euchre
  • Drink of Choice: Spotted Cow