Allison Torpey Linkedin

Managing Director, Denver

“Forget about rules and roadblocks. Anything is possible with enough hard work and dedication.”

Allison Torpey is serious about levity. By helping teams lighten up in the workplace, she’s shown time and again that having a bit of fun can encourage creativity and drive real business results. This yogi runs marathons and sees similarities at work: It’s about plotting success on the course, breaking through assumed limitations, and surrounding yourself with people who are driven to meet a common goal. She has extensive experience in project leadership, change management, and business strategy both internally at Propeller and in industries including consumer goods, utilities, and renewables. 

Allison’s passion for creating and maintaining high-performing teams, keen ability to make the complex seem simple, and refined business acumen led her to the role of Director at our Denver office. In this position, she is instrumental in building Propeller’s presence in Denver through boots-on-the-ground efforts in networking, recruiting, and client acquisition. She holds an MBA from Portland State University and a bachelor’s degree in studio art with a concentration in Architecture from Wesleyan University.

  • Alternative career path: Owner of a sustainable, residential design-build firm
  • Favorite instrument: Pipe Organ
  • Junior Prom Dress: Sewed it herself

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