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Principal Consultant

“Fiercely defend what differentiates you in the market, yet remain open to changing how you deliver value.”

Annie Lyons feels most alive when helping organizations crystallize their value and rediscover their true purpose. Passionate about people over process, she’s adept at aligning opportunity with talent – empowering her team to leverage their unique strengths to navigate increasingly complex environments. Fueled by this fiercely collaborative spirit, Annie inspires everyone around her to deliver exceptional results and catapult clients to success.

Annie’s team-driven mindset and keen ability to translate an organization’s purpose-driven objectives, allows her to juggle diverse project portfolios while exceeding rapidly evolving consumer demands. Her experience includes 17 years at SAIF corporation, where she helped senior leadership reimagine and modernize their internal processes to drive organizational efficiencies and lasting business results. Annie holds a bachelor's degree in applied science and economics from Western Oregon University.

  • Alternative career path: Coast Guard pilot
  • Hobby: Restoring her 1920's craftsman home
  • Prescription for life: “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” — John Watson 

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