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“I believe people tend to overcome challenges best when they feel happy, valued, and safe enough to think big.”

Cameron Cannon is a licensed psychologist who is passionate about leveraging data-driven methodologies to improve well-being, organizational performance, and employee engagement. Clients describe him as warm and collaborative, and Cameron credits his success as a transformational leader to his belief that strong relationships are the best change agent and that perceived threats, whether personal or corporate, are often just challenges to overcome. 

Prior to joining Propeller, Cameron worked in a variety of organizational and systems change roles leading training, quality improvement, data analytics, and operations, while also supporting individual change as a psychotherapist and clinical supervisor. An avid mountain biker, Cameron believes that putting in the hard work to get to the top of the mountain makes the ride down “way more fun.” Cameron holds bachelor’s degrees in psychology and religious studies from the University of Oklahoma, a master’s degree in community counseling from Denver Seminary, and a Ph.D. in counseling psychology from The University of Denver. 

  • Alternate career: Captain of the USS Enterprise (The Next Generation Crew)
  • Quote to live by: “Love others, laugh often, and ask good questions.” 
  • Favorite hobbies: Mountain biking, reading, and playing video games