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"Anything worth doing is worth doing well — and with good humor."

Carl Terranova is driven to help people get difficult things done well. It’s a calling he found in a middle school — of all places — where he discovered that humans (of all ages) do not like being dragged through a process without a clear strategy for building on the fundamentals. Transitioning from teacher to consultant, Carl has honed his ability to navigate tough team dynamics, help people build on their existing skills, and guide complicated projects to completion.    

Carl has nearly two decades of experience delivering complex IT and business projects for Tektronix, Xerox, and Schnitzer Steel. He excels at building strong, happy teams and bridging the gap between business units and the IT organizations that support them. He holds an MBA and a master’s degree in information management from Arizona State University and a bachelor’s degree from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

  • In his car he’s blasting: John Denver, unapologetically
  • Alternative career path: Cruise director
  • Most exclusive membership: The Doctor Who Fan Club of America, Tom Baker era. 

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