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“Face your fear. It’s when you’re scared that things get interesting."

Chris Fry’s approach to problem-solving is rooted in humility. Thoughtful and perceptive, he operates under the belief that there’s always something new to learn as business evolves. He pushes himself and his teams outside their comfort zones to maximize outcomes. 

Chris has an affinity for tinkering with devices, software, and processes to figure out how they work — and how they can be optimized. This analytical mindset and technical prowess has fueled his career, which includes roles in corporate strategy and project delivery at Carnegie Learning, and Lucid, where he served as vice president of customer success and product management. Chris has a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Oberlin College.

  • Alternative career path: Farmer
  • Hobbies: Rock climbing and snowboarding 
  • Birth order: He’s the oldest of nine children

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