Corey Rubin Linkedin


“Trust your gut, and magical things will happen.”

Corey Rubin’s approach to problem-solving looks a lot like how she comes up with a new recipe: with creativity and a focus on the people who’ll enjoy the end result. First and foremost a relationship-builder, she leads by example. She’s tenacious and driven, and she thrives when she’s doing work that matters. 

An artist turned widget-inventor/business owner/executive coach and finally consultant, Corey knows how to ignite change. Her experience includes roles at her own private practice, EXOS, 24 Hour Fitness Corporate, and the USF Malloy Group, where she helped clients in leadership development, change management, business development, data analysis, and strategic planning. Corey holds a bachelor’s degree in liberal studies from Tulane University and a master’s degree in organization development from the University of San Francisco. 

  • Alternate career: Owner of a beach burrito shack
  • Hobby: Group exercise and yoga instructor
  • Surprising fact: Certified welder