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“Build trust the old-fashioned way: Get to know someone, and do what you say you'll do.”

Corey White is driven to learn, plan, and prioritize. He begins with a solid foundation of research, whether that means gathering insight into the industry, cost structures, or processes involved in a new engagement or creating a project plan, budget, and detailed itinerary for his next vacation. It is knowledge that fuels how he balances varying perspectives, determines the optimal path forward, and decides whether there’s a step in the process (or a sightseeing stop) that can safely be skipped.

Corey is also really good at finding compelling ways to engage people who will be affected by large organizational changes. His experience centers on strategic change and learning and performance, with past roles at Accenture, NTT DATA and SGK. Corey holds a master’s degree in learning and organizational change from Northwestern University and bachelor’s degrees in history education and cinema and photography from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale.

  • Hometown: Louisville, KY
  • Alternative career path: Behavioral economics professor
  • Favorite sports team: The Alabama Crimson Tide