Danielle Mau-Holmes Linkedin


“Be open to other perspectives and willing to walk in others’ shoes.”

An avid cook, Danielle Mau-Holmes loves to try new recipes, refine techniques, and bring people together at her table. She applies this passion for experimentation and collaboration to her business endeavors as well, working to define processes, identify inefficiencies, and set teams up for success at every step. While the nuances of a project may change, Danielle knows how to find the ingredients needed to cook up something special.    

Danielle’s prowess for process has defined her career. She has 16 years of experience working in the creative and marketing industry, including roles at Sephora, eROI, and Pollinate, where she formalized agency processes and operations, designed and executed multi-channel print and digital campaigns, and directed project partnerships. Danielle has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and art from Chapman University.

  • Alternate career path: Interior designer or architect
  • Dream retirement plan: Greeting guests as a ticket-taker at Disneyland
  • Quote to live by: “Find the heart in your hustle.”