David Woltze Linkedin

Managing Director, Silicon Valley

“Shortcuts only create the illusion of speed.”

David Woltze is a doer, with a strong belief in thorough, systematic communication and complete transparency. It’s a characteristic that helps him build strong personal relationships and high-functioning teams. It exposes him daily to new ideas, leading to innovative solutions at work and solid partnerships with clients. A lifelong Oregonian, David is a recent transplant to the San Francisco Bay Area, where he spends the weekends exploring the areas around his new home and enjoying the amazing food the Bay Area offers. 

David has nearly a decade of experience in project implementation and people management with roles at IBM and IHS Markit. He's particularly passionate about projects designed to enhance the customer experience and you'll often find him discussing the latest business trends. He has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Portland State University. 

  • Alternative career path: City traffic light planner
  • Favorite drink: The hoppiest IPA he can find
  • Next Trip: Anywhere he can find a jaw-dropping view or scuba diving friendly water

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