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“Don’t underestimate the power of a well-defined strategic vision.”

Emily Sinn believes that transparency is the key to cultivating a culture of trust. She celebrates diverse perspectives while simultaneously inspiring teams to rally around a shared vision. Calm and cool under pressure, she bridges the divide between various stakeholders, and empowers others to thrive.

With extensive experience in international development and humanitarian aid, Emily understands what it takes to implement complex projects across a global portfolio. Her background includes 13 years at Mercy Corps, where she led global change initiatives, facilitated strategic planning processes, developed systems for accountability and performance measurement, and managed software application development. Emily holds a bachelor’s degree in international economics from Pacific Lutheran University and a MBA certificate from Portland State University.  

  • Alternate career: Owner of a bed-and-breakfast 
  • Hobbies: Running and cooking 
  • Prescription for life: Nothing is constant but change