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“Innovation is achievable: It is simply the activation of excellent listening.”

Ho‘onani Andermann is a creator at heart, one inspired by the beauty in the margins of everyday life. A writer, actor, and musician, she approaches business as an art — one that places people at the center of the composition. A natural leader, coach, and mentor, Ho‘onani believes that the best work stems from a genuine appreciation and empowerment of the people around her.  

That outlook, combined with a keen ability to hone abstract ideas into clear, digestible messages and actions, has served as a common thread throughout her career. Ho‘onani got her start in social services, government policy, and healthcare before entering the exciting world of Agile tech development. Her experience includes customer success management, quality improvement and technical transformation consulting, clinical informatics, product owner, and business analyst roles at TeamPraxis and CareOregon. Ho‘onani holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and communications from Lewis & Clark College and is working towards an MBA with a healthcare focus from Oregon Health and Science University.  

  • Alternative career path: Sitcom writer
  • Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Prescription for life: "When you make others look good, you look good.”