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“Sometimes the challenge is not in finding a solution, rather acknowledging and targeting the correct problem.” 

Jessica John works to empower people, teams and organizations to be happier, healthier, and more balanced. She enjoys bringing about the "lightbulb moments" when a challenging problem turns into something solvable and fun. She brings disconnected people and processes together to build agreement and develop creative solutions that result in effective change.

Throughout her career, Jessica has managed supply chains, implemented new software systems, and built and led teams through major process and organizational transformations. Before joining Propeller, she was with Kaiser Permanente for close to seven years in benefit and contract administration and issue resolution. While living in China, she served in various roles as a consultant, business development professional, and an English instructor. Jessica holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, Chinese, and studio art from Willamette University. 

  • SPECIAL SKILLS: speak, read, and write fluent Mandarin
  • HOBBY: flow athlete
  • QUOTE TO LIVE BY: “Be good – Do good – Spread good.”