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“Realize that people’s reactions are a function of who they are and the environment they are operating in, and that the environment is much easier to change.”

John Mullen gets to the heart of a challenge by breaking problems into their fundamental components and studying the interactions between them. He often applies what he has learned backcountry camping to his highly analytical approach: Research the landscape, plan your route, anticipate barriers and pack the essentials. Inevitable surprises along the way will force you to adapt and improvise using the resources at hand.

John enjoys getting to know people and organizations, and he’s not afraid to challenge a group decision if he believes it was made in haste. With experience in marketing and business analytics as well as digital strategy, his past roles include serving as head of marketing at Gearhead Workspace and leading digital analytics at AbelsonTaylor. John holds an MBA and a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Chicago.

  • Alternative career path: Archaeologist focused on Greek antiquity
  • Favorite sports team: Duke Blue Devils
  • Quote to live by: “Give yourself the freedom to make life an adventure and go ever upward."