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“Learn to recognize the best idea in the room – it often isn’t yours.”

Josh Mathis is the person that you feel lucky standing next to in a crowded room of strangers. Witty, astute, and affable, Josh has a natural talent for bringing people together and leading the conversation to an insightful place. 

Before stepping into his role as business development director, Josh built system-wide improvement programs in healthcare and led software development teams in the retail industry for Propeller. His prior experience spans the music, art, nonprofit, and energy sectors. Always up for a new challenge, Josh attempted skydiving at age 23 to overcome a fear of heights – it didn't work. He has an MBA from Portland State University with a focus on social entrepreneurship and a bachelor’s degree in international studies from The Ohio State University.

  • First job: At 14, lead singer and bass guitar for a funk band that opened for The Samples, Fishbone, Kid Rock, and Bon Jovi
  • Current musical gig: Making up ukulele songs for his daughters at bath time
  • Alternative career path: Psychiatrist

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