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“Multitasking simply doesn’t work. Focus on the issue at hand for more productive problem solving.”

JP Zbylut has a vision for technology, and it’s one in which product teams, engineers, and end users work together toward a shared goal. JP’s success is fueled by an unsurpassed ability to translate complex concepts into easily consumed deliverables. That’s true regardless of whether he is driving a technology initiative or testing the physics required to brew the perfect beer, one of his favorite hobbies. JP has a gift for ensuring that any given technical solution meets the defined needs and aligns with the business. He knows how to foster strong relationships between stakeholders, allowing him get to things done, with a sense of humor, each and every time.

JP has been consulting for a wide range of companies on technical solutions for a decade, with experience that includes roles at Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC) and semiconductor manufacturer Electro Scientific Industries (ESI). He is currently earning his MBA at the University of Washington and has a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from Oregon State University.

  • Hometown: Cove, Oregon (population 500)
  • Alternative career path: Veterinarian
  • Favorite sports team: Oregon State Beavers