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"Start with the outcome in mind: You can’t go the right way if you don’t know where you intend to end up.”

Kevin Price takes a hybrid approach to problem-solving, combining vision and action to get teams moving and drive success. An avid player of board games, he enjoys applying lessons from business to board games, and vice versa, that shed insight into how people communicate, negotiate, and make decisions when given specific objectives and rules.

A seasoned business systems and intelligence analyst, Kevin has extensive experience defining organizational vision and applying agile best practices for companies that include First Tech Federal Credit Union, Stratus Dental Group, Price Fronk and Co., LLP, and KPMG. He holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting and business information systems from Oregon State University.

  • Alternative career path: Software engineer
  • Special talent: A memory like an elephant
  • Prescription for life: “Work smarter…not harder.” — Allen F. Morgenstern