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“Stay authentic to your vision.”

A mentor once told KP Peck that no one wants to get into a car with a crazy driver, and that principle came to inform their approach to tackling a challenge. Even keeled and creative, KP is a thought partner trusted by their teams. They drive forward momentum and navigate constantly changing obstacles with an ease born of practice.

With more than a dozen years of experience leading product commercialization and major brand marketing initiatives, KP focuses on relationships and results. Past roles include delivering projects at Method Products, Ecover, and Clif Bar & Company, where they led large-scale integrated marketing campaigns, new product development, and workstream and process optimization projects. KP is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and Professional Scrum Master; they hold a bachelor’s degree in politics from Whitman College.

  • Alternative career path: Anosmiac chef
  • Preferred genre: Comic books
  • Prescription for life: Be honest, work hard, and have as much fun as possible.