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“Invest in data — powerful decision-making lives or dies by it.”

Margo McDowall is a master of ideation and data-driven innovation. Armed with a whiteboard and a strategic vision, she galvanizes teams to imagine the possibilities and drive results. Margo’s unique blend of intuition and analytical savvy enables her to design solutions that bolster an organization’s bottom line.

This passion for analytics has been a central theme throughout her career. Her professional trajectory began in genetics labs and digital media before she found her sweet spot leading Agile teams and developing big data platforms for organizations including MediaCom, GroupM, Elsy, and Publicis Media. Margo holds a bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Washington. 

  • Alternative career path: Botanist
  • Hobby: Clothing design
  • Surprising fact: Researched long-term memory storage with a Nobel Prize winner