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“A well-defined problem is half solved.”

A natural-born creative, Nick Meyers used his passion for origami to fuel patience, persistence, and problem solving. In work he combines these interpersonal skills with data-driven insights to bring imaginative solutions to life.

Driven by this steadfast passion for people and continuous improvement, Nick believes the journey to perfection starts with a simple first step. With eight years of experience in the manufacturing arena, his background includes roles at Textron Aviation and Leatherman Tool Group. Throughout his career, he has led cross-functional teams in identifying resource waste and implementing process improvements that bolster business efficiency. Nick holds a bachelor’s degree in supply chain management from Texas Christian University and a master’s degree in industrial engineering from Clemson University.  

  • Alternate career: Science fiction author
  • Hobbies: Home improvement and woodworking
  • Hidden talent: Can play "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion on the harmonica