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“Making room for fun and laughter to help build stronger bonds with people is key to working through tough problems.”

Sage Townsend likes to implement a people first strategy. No matter what, she wants her work to benefit people, whether that be through a new system that makes it easier to work effectively or process improvement. Her goal is to help people have a happier and healthier relationship with their work. Sage has been described as a "spark-plug," bringing a lot of energy to the team to drive action. She is passionate about growing deeper roots within her communities to find connection and ways to lift each other up. 

Her career started at Kaiser Permanente where she loved taking on stretch projects around process improvement work and consulting with the clinical leads to build out stronger operational strategies to better meet consumer preferences. That experience made her realize how much she enjoys a role that consistently presents new challenges and where she’s doing puzzle work to come up with the best solution. Sage received her MBA and bachelor’s degree in rhetoric and media studies from Willamette University.

  • ALERNATE CAREER: running a dog shelter on a ranch in the mountains
  • QUOTE TO LIVE BY: "luck is a four-letter word spelled w-o-r-k" – Sage’s grandfather