Thomas Arm Linkedin


“Leave your heart wide open, love, and have no fear” — Dolly Parton

A former Army intelligence officer, Thomas Arm is a keen strategist able to devise robust plans for transformation. Infectiously positive, he’s a natural leader who brings employees at all levels together with ease.

Thomas’ team-building acumen has defined his nearly 10 years of experience in sales, marketing, and change management. Past roles include leading business process improvement and digitization initiatives for Siemens, Right Weigh, Inc., and Adidas, where he defined the Locker Room platform strategy, curated training materials, and created consumer activation assets. Thomas holds an MBA, a certificate in business intelligence and analytics, and a bachelor’s degree in psychology and mathematics from Hamilton College.

  • Alternate career path: Comedian
  • Hobby: Crossfit
  • Birthplace: England