Propel Her Event Recap:

2020 not only brought us a new decade, but also a new normal. What does this look like for you? How are you and your team adjusting? How are you taking care of yourself? 

As part of our Propel Her gender diversity initiative, we'd like to create a community to help reflect on where we've come from, as well as the road ahead, through dynamic discussion and refreshing vulnerability. 

Our panelists will discuss how they've built resilience in this confusing time, the most difficult aspects of isolation, some of their new habits at work and in their personal lives, and how this changes how they interact with and lead teams. 

This event will help guide you through finding balance in the new normal by discussing: 

  • Emotional intelligence and building resiliency 
  • Promoting self care & caring for your teams
  • Exploring how companies and team leaders have been stepping up

This event will aim to create a sense of community and shared experience through vulnerability and open discussion. We hope that you pick up a tip or two, or at the very least, end the Zoom with the knowledge that you are not alone!

Original Air Date: June 23, 2020 5:00 PM Pacific Time

Moderators: JD Johnson, Ashley Stuparich, Shealyn Nosal


  • Ciara Claraty, Change Management Consultant, Propeller
  • Kylene YoungDirector of Strategic Planning & Program Management for Trust, AirBnB 
  • Claire L. CostelloPhD, RN, PMHCNS-BC, Child & Adult Jungian Analyst, Private Practice

Webinar Recording

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