A Global Retailer Introduces New Direct-to-Consumer Strategy and Operations

The Problem

A leading retailer’s Direct-to-Consumer division is pivotal to the organization’s business model. The division was increasing revenue year over year and acquiring customers through a number of new incremental channels, prompting a need to implement and adopt an updated future state strategy, standardize and align on process, assess existing tools used by various teams within the divisions, and ultimately chart a path to a highly effective Organization and Operating Model. 


The Approach

Propeller provided multi-layered services in order to help the client achieve the steady state organizational operation and success they were seeking. First, our team partnered with the client’s leadership in order to conduct workshops to drive alignment and greater understanding of the organizational vision and resulting operating model. The workshops were conducted while overlaying current practices, impacts thereof, and identifying the resulting gaps and opportunities. Propeller consultants also digested all the recommendations provided by a global consulting firm in order to merge this direction with the current state realities of the team, to drive a program formation that could predictably and reasonably deliver success. The team then crafted a structured approach - creating a program, governance, work initiatives, timelines, ownership, dependencies, and the resulting change management - to guide the impacted teams to the desired future state. An impact assessment that included processes, tools, and job roles resulted in a firm understanding of what was needed to move the team to the future state. Finally, by employing a people, process, and technology focus, the new strategy and operating model were introduced, tracked and adopted in subsequent months.

Services Provided

  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Program Design and Definition
  • Roadmap Development
  • Change Strategy
  • Change Management
  • Portfolio/ Project Management
  • Team Leadership + Development
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Actionable Strategy Development + Adoption

Value Delivered

In support of the client’s overall new operating model, Propeller supported the launch of a program with six workstreams that guided the execution and change management needed to drive the client to the desired future state. The team defined and drove adoption of core processes and supported technology shifts, introducing additional tools where needs were identified. Consultants communicated progress and risk to a steering committee of 8 senior leaders that oversaw technology, strategy and business operations of the Direct-to-Consumer division.