A Global Retailer Optimizes Their Order Fulfillment Process

The Problem

A user-friendly, end-to-end digital fulfillment experience for consumers is now baseline. But not all companies get it right. In most cases, delays or order errors fracture consumers’ trust in a brand, and switching from one to the next can happen at breakneck speed. That’s what prompted a global consumer goods company to pursue an order fulfillment program that would sit at the intersection of Consumer Digital Technology and Supply Chain functions. However, the task can feel overwhelming, especially when work needs to be coordinated across several systems and distribution centers in remote places.


The Approach

The breadth of projects within the program required strong engagement and close management of 100+ stakeholders and partners across four major geographies. Our team started with the launch of Gift Wrap and Gift Message functionalities for the first major release. Then, we added Next Day Delivery as an offering for consumers in Europe and Japan and Click & Collect capabilities (delivering packages to parcel delivery service pick-up points instead of your front door) for ecommerce consumers in Europe. 

Services Provided

  • Journey Mapping 
  • Omni-Channel Commerce 
  • Culture + People Alignment
  • Process Optimization
  • Project Management

Value Delivered

We delivered value to the consumer through robust fulfillment, logistic, and digital capabilities and strong cross-functional partnerships. Our team engaged 100+ stakeholders during key phases of the program launch, in addition to coordinating 15+ Distribution Centers to successfully fulfill orders, delivered on-time. 

100+ Stakeholders


15+ Distribution Centers