A Global Retailer Seeks to Stabilize and Up-Level Agile Capabilities

The Problem

After the unexpected departure of two Product Owners, two teams had resorted to operating separately, in isolation, and in whatever way they saw fit.  This was frustrating stakeholders, who didn’t know where their requests were in the queue, or when anything would be delivered. It also frustrated the teams, as communication and coordination between the two became less structured and inconsistent. Since it was slowing delivery, as work requests started going to individual team members rather than into a queue, the “squeaky wheels got the grease."


The Approach

Propeller sought to stabilize the teams and infuse Agile principles and methods into the organization by serving as a hybrid Product Owner and Agile coach. By embedding within the Agile process, Propeller was able to simultaneously fill a critical gap and identify opportunities to level-up the organization’s Agile delivery capabilities. In this capacity, Propeller clarified core objectives, prioritized known and in-process work, setup a two-week sprint model, established twice-monthly stakeholder alignment meetings, invited stakeholders to the end-of-sprint demos, condensed the myriad of “status” meetings into singular daily stand-up meetings, and celebrated key milestones and deliveries with the teams and stakeholders in order to build excitement, awareness, and engagement.

Services Provided

  • Agile Coaching  + Leadership
  • Team Leadership + Development
  • Agile Methodology
  • Change Management

Value Delivered

Propeller was ultimately successful in transforming the teams. They started completing their work within the two-week sprint window, which increased stakeholder trust and satisfaction.  With stakeholder input, Propeller was able to build roadmaps of future work that was based on priorities and business value. Eventually, Propeller was able to stabilize and transition the work by bringing in two new Product Owners with domain expertise to take over the long-term role with the teams.