A Global Technology Company Seeks to Develop An Agile Transformation Roadmap & Playbook

The Problem

The portfolio group of a software virtualization company, acting as an internal consulting organization and partnering with multiple business functions across the enterprise, ranging from R&D to Sales, acting as an internal consulting organization, was struggling with Agile transformation and adoption.  Their engineering and IT organization had begun to change their development and functionality deployment methodology to Agile; however, the business implications of Agile from planning to execution had not been fully understood.  Propeller was asked to help build a business point of view on Agile, including a baseline understanding of Agile methodology, and an assessment on the current end-to-end Agile processes and teams with a view of improving overall portfolio and program planning, execution and delivery effectiveness. 


The Approach

Propeller applied its Agile assessment framework through a series of sprints to develop a current state view of the organization.  The assessment included an 11-part Organizational Assessment, a 25-part Team Assessment, and a 9-part Project Review using three in-progress initiatives.  Final recommendations were then developed based on key findings from the assessment including the culture and context of the organization.

Services Provided

  • Agile Methodology
  • Agile Assessment
  • Agile Coaching + Leadership

Value Delivered

Propeller left them with a baseline understanding and alignment on Agile industry best practices for the business teams, including key considerations as the organization pivots from a predominant Waterfall delivery model.  We created a high-level plan for Agile transformation in partnership with leaders, including key capability milestones and organizational recommendations (project-to-product, role mapping etc.). Finally, Propeller  curated a tactical 'Agile Playbook' and internal training curriculum, including reviewing and updated Waterfall templates to support Agile delivery.