Improving the Patient Experience at a Critical Medical Center

The Problem

A local hospital was struggling to move patients throughout their stay in a timely manner. The delays were creating serious impacts to key utilization metrics, quality measures, and overall affecting patient satisfaction. Staffing shortages, inefficient processes and stakeholder disenfranchisement had combined to create a strained environment, so Propeller was brought in to improve the intake, movement and discharge of patients.


The Approach

Knowing that patient flow was a problem that affected all areas of the hospital, Propeller provided leadership to structure the engagement and organize project teams to address interdependent problems and opportunities. The Propeller team ensured that challenges were addressed and solutions developed through strategic communication and engagement between diverse groups of nursing labor union representatives, physicians, and executive leadership. Relevant benchmarking and detailed cost benefit analyses were used to determine the impact of proposed changes.  

Services Provided

  • Process reengineering + improvement 
  • Organizational effectiveness + alignment 
  • Stakeholder engagement

Value Delivered

The redesign, simplification, and streamlining of elements affecting patient flow and bed delays helped the hospital realize $380,000 in cost savings within months with substantial savings anticipated in the coming years. Additionally, the team provided internal staff structure, tools, and motivation to identify and implement critical process improvements. 


Cost Savings