Advancing The Voice Of The Employee At A Cloud Computing Tech Giant

The Problem

Engaged and happy employees translate to improved customer service, which in turn drives growth for businesses. So when a tech giant expanded their workforce through a number of strategic acquisitions and mergers, it became clear that a robust, scalable, and actionable Voice of Employee (VoE) program was necessary in order to better understand and serve their internal customers’ IT needs at key points along their journey. Needing support for a critical step in the development of this program, Propeller was brought in to assess the existing data landscape and develop targeted personas to help shape solutions that would address their employees’ pain points and expectations.


The Approach

Propeller analyzed, augmented and evaluated a large set of disparate data and transformed it into valuable insights. When the team noticed some key gaps in the information, they designed and launched a targeted survey reaching more than 1,150 employees, as well as conducted focus groups to build a picture of key employee groups. Propeller then provided expertise on how to develop role-based personas and leveraged insights from the data do deliver a set of clearly identified employee cohorts that would be used to frame solution recommendations and drive employee engagement.

Services Provided

  • Employee Research
  • Survey Design
  • Experience Insights
  • Personas + Journey Mapping
  • EX Strategy + Roadmap

Value Delivered

Propeller delivered six employee personas, as well as additional value above and beyond the original scope of work within a very short timeline. This included the future value of the employee survey that was built as a foundational tool for the client to use to continue gathering and benchmarking employee data, recommendations for aligning accountabilities for ongoing management of insights, and a roadmap for how to take the persona work to the next level to close feedback loops and make improvements to the experience.