Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction Takes Precedence at Global Fashion Retailer

The Problem

Increasingly complex consumer buying patterns and a general shift away from status quo, brick-and-mortar shopping experiences have caused retailers to rethink how they nurture and grow long-term relationships with consumers. This led a global clothing and accessories retailer to launch a new loyalty program. The goal of the program was to drive cross-brand awareness, increase purchase frequency, and act as a feeder into the company’s top tier credit card programs.


The Approach

Our team helped define the strategy to roll out the rewards program to 10% of the company’s stores in two markets. The team conducted in-store interviews with customers and used those findings to understand what matters most in a loyalty program and how they use it when they shop. The team engaged multiple departments across the company that touched the customer journey, delivered regular reports to senior leaders to maintain transparency during the rollout, and established clear escalation paths for risk management, which is critical during peak shopping periods. 

Services Provided

  • Service design
  • Strategy + Roadmapping
  • Experience Research and Analytics
  • Culture + People Alignment
  • Change Management
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Project Management
  • Vendor Selection

Value Delivered

The loyalty program launched in less than six months across 10% of its stores in two major markets. Enrollment numbers exceeded planned targets, and the company has observed a positive bump in customer satisfaction and engagement scores. Now with higher cross-brand awareness and flexible points and reward accumulation, the company has successfully deepened its customer reach.


Increase in Conversion