Early Education Enterprise Requires Business Intelligence Program Management

The Problem

A nationwide education enterprise with an early-maturity IT organization had a goal of building and implementing an in-house business intelligence platform. To be successful, they needed to address existing team challenges, technical deficiencies, and inconsistent engagement between the technology teams and business stakeholders. They chose a third-party partner through Propeller to bring the needed clarity and management.


The Approach

Propeller took over the stalled management of a multi-year business intelligence project. Exposing technical gaps with the platform and prompting an in-depth assessment of architecture options were key areas of focus. While managing execution of the re-architecture, Propeller instituted a new stakeholder engagement model to drive business data ownership and create a long-term roadmap of prioritized data capabilities across eight departments. By applying Agile practices across the technology team and business customers, Propeller was able to demonstrate consistent, incremental improvement of the new tool to stakeholders, integrating 12 data sources into the data warehouse and offering more than 180 financial metrics for data self-service. Meanwhile, IT and Executive leadership received an entirely new suite of updates on project execution status, roadmap, and project budgeting at the right frequency to bring transparency and trust. 

Services Provided

  • Project/Program Management
  • Business - Data Alignment
  • Data Project Management
  • Process Refinement
  • Visualization & Reporting
  • Coaching
  • Data & Analytics Workflow Management
  • Organizational Strategy & Development

Value Delivered

Propeller’s focus on team development—clarifying the mission, defining value, and prioritizing work accordingly—had far-reaching impacts. The successful implementation of the business intelligence platform architecture, combined with the new way of engaging business customers, provided a framework for conceptualizing large programs that span multiple organizations. Business engagement soared with the new model, IT leadership felt informed, and consistent messaging at all levels built the trust the program needed to be successful. Ultimately, the IT team established this workflow as a benchmark process and has rolled it out across other IT engagements, improving the reputation of IT across the organization.


Data Sources Integrated Into Data Warehouse


Financial Metrics for Data Self-Service

8 Departments

Showed Increased Business Engagement