Enhancing People Communication Networks To Improve Patient Care

The Problem

At a nationally recognized hospital, communication challenges stemming from wireless connectivity issues and technology constraints caused delays in critical information passing from nurses to doctors, from station to station, and between departments. The complexity of information flows, HIPAA regulations, and the speed required for proper patient care all presented unique challenges to employees. The hospital sought help from Propeller to develop and recommend solutions to improve employee and patient experiences.


The Approach

The Propeller team interviewed key leaders and employees to understand critical technology issues and key communication pitfalls. The team distilled the research into 14 unique personas and journey maps. From there, Propeller conducted design workshops to brainstorm possible workflow and communication solutions, which considered the layout of hospital hardware in order to deliver quality care to patients.

Services Provided

  • Research
  • Personas & Journey Mapping
  • Design Workshops
  • Process & Tool Optimization
  • EX Strategy & Roadmap
  • Experience
  • Integration & Partnerships
  • Operational Excellence

Value Delivered

The employee journey mapping and solutioning exercises created awareness of the hospital's core issues, identified immediate actions for leadership, and delivered a practical solution through technology and business process redesign. By bringing employees along for the journey, the solutions were tailored for employee experience and designed for successful implementation.