Global Enterprise Migrates Suite of Applications to the Cloud

The Problem

A global retail company initiated the migration of its suite of 20+ custom-built applications from on-premise data centers to a cloud service provider.

Business in the retail world is a 24/7/365 job; any downtime for these architectural dependent applications must be kept to a minimum.

Each application was managed by a team of engineers and an Engineering Director, all of whom needed to co-ordinate with each other and the cloud service provider. There are a lot of individuals and moving parts involved.


The Approach

Propeller brought much needed structure and visibility to the program.

Structure was added by creating a regular cadence of meetings for the teams to share their progress and have cross team discussions. Actions and owners were identified in each meeting and progress held accountable by their peers.

Visibility was created with a plan and roadmap that was shared widely across all teams and stakeholders – even going as far as printing large versions and putting them up around the office for all to see.

Services Provided

  • Cloud Migration
  • Program Planning & Roadmapping 
  • Technology Enablement & Implementation 
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Team Leadership & Development
  • Project Rescue Program
  • Structure & Documentation

Value Delivered

The attitude of the program turned around very quickly - from a group of teams working independently of each other, to having a singular program focused on a plan that was understood by everyone.

Teams no longer had to have side conversation to figure out what was going on and relied on the program structure to determine updates and team conversations.

Propeller successfully ensured that all the applications were migrated on time and in a phased approach. All go-lives were executed without issue and Propeller is still involved in the company’s modernization efforts.

“Persistence & Creative problem solving
helped us get to this milestone”
— Senior Director of Engineering


Business Days Impacted


Applications Migrated