A Global Retailer Realigns Resources

The Problem

To better align product creation and further clarify roles and responsibilities, a large consumer product company needed support to organizationally restructure. Processes, technology, and staff would all need to evolve into new ways of working and collaborating. As this restructuring involved a large group of individuals and had significant downstream process implication, the decision was made to keep the project confidential and not release specific details about impacted groups or outcomes. Our team was tasked with managing the change, increasing adoption, and ensuring minimal business disruption during the transition. 


The Approach

A significant focus was placed on strategic communications to ensure consistency and transparency. Tailored change assessments and risk levels were taken by organization, department, and team to understand critical barriers that could prevent adoption. While employees couldn’t receive specific details of the change, managers were targeted as a key group to train and engage on project details and next steps. Trainings and toolkits were developed so the managers felt prepared to hold employee conversations, and receiving managers had the resources they needed to successfully integrate new team members into their organization. Communications and collaboration activities were meticulously planned for the day changes were announced to ensure a seamless transition from old to new roles. Surveys and ongoing risk assessments were completed to better understand employee assimilation and mitigate business risks. 

Services Provided

  • Change Management 
  • Organizational Effectiveness + Alignment 
  • Communication + Training Delivery 
  • People Strategy

Value Delivered

Confidential projects always add challenges for ensuring stakeholder engagement and understanding. Our change leadership successfully delivered trainings and support to our critical project partners which enabled consistent communication and messaging within a tight timeline. Transitioning employees were welcomed to their positions with excitement and successfully on boarded with the resources they needed to maintain business continuity.

500+ people

affected by the change


functions realigned

75+ leaders