Global Retailer Revamps E-Commerce with Information Architecture

The Problem

A large footwear and apparel company had a maturing e-commerce division supported by an operations team of 200+ individuals distributed globally. This team supported core functions such as merchandising and the global product catalog, as well as online product launches promoted through social media. The client sought help to create an information architecture and site navigation that would make their specialists more effective at supporting their partners in reaching an ever-growing consumer base.


The Approach

The Propeller team started by conducting an assessment of high-usage sites to understand how they were being used, and then determined ways to optimize content structure for easy search and product updates. The team also determined gaps in the document footprint and developed a roadmap of recommendations to streamline efficiencies and reuse templates. Propeller consultants supported the client team to redesign their information architecture with increased clarity around personas, based on industry best practices and new understanding of the team workflows and existing pain points.

Services Provided

  • Personas + Journey Mapping
  • Customer Research
  • Change Management
  • Content Inventory
  • Site Mapping
  • Information Architecture Design

Value Delivered

Propeller partnered to create and deliver a quickly approved information architecture that included the transfer of more than 100 artifacts from the old system to the new. The renovated site architecture also removed and added pages to help streamline and focus the efforts of the client's e-commerce team to more quickly and effectively expand the customer growth initiatives of retail partners. Finally, a new system of support templates, training, and transition plans were approved and activated by the director of site operations--creating new and best practice team workflows that strengthened overall catalog and global merchandising productivity.