Implementing an Agile Framework For A Global Specialty Retailer

The Problem

The benefits of Agile are clear: happier teams, increased productivity, and clear progress toward realizing business value. The path to Agile, however, can be a bumpy one when you don't have all of the critical pieces in place, including experienced leadership able to motivate and organize Agile teams. That’s why the leaders of a global consumer product company, working under a tight existing development schedule, turned to Propeller for help moving a 150-person division to the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), beginning with the launch of six new agile teams. Propeller helped the organization, which lacked adequate in-house SAFe or Agile capabilities, implement core Agile practices and processes and identify opportunities to increase adoption of SAFe at the team and leadership levels. 


The Approach

Our team partnered with the company’s product owners to translate existing project work into an organized and prioritized backlog. We then helped the new Agile teams estimate and execute that work in accordance with SAFe principles and practices. Working closely with the client teams, we identified what went well with the rollout – and what didn’t – and helped adjust training, communications and practices to improve the teams’ overall Agile processes. For subsequent rollouts, we created a sustainable model and environment designed to motivate teams to more effectively organize and execute work.

Services Provided

  • Agile leadership
  • Technology enablement + implementation 
  • Process reengineering + improvement 

Value Delivered

Six new SAFe Agile teams were launched. Core processes, ceremonies, and backlogs were defined and we supported the client team as they developed Agile experience.