Measuring The Customer Experience For A Newly Realigned Insights Unit

The Problem

Organizational KPIs usually begin with the best of intentions. Created to understand progress on key initiatives or track financial goals, the KPI landscape can quickly become congested with tactical and strategic measures rendering teams tasked with analyzing the data paralyzed. At this leading global retailer, a re-organization brought together disparate voice of customer (VoC) teams into one large insights unit. As the teams integrated, it became clear that their data capture and reporting mechanisms need to be reconciled. They also recognized that the volume of customer experience (CX) metrics had reached a point of saturation and jeopardized their ability to help product teams address customer pain points.


The Approach

Propeller was brought in to help establish a measurement framework that would aid their ability to illuminate moments of friction across web, mobile, and retail touchpoints. The team conducted stakeholder interviews to understand business objectives and organization barriers, benchmarked existing metrics against industry-leading indicators, and delivered a framework and dashboard prototype that provided quantitative signals for analysts and researchers to further investigate. The team also delivered a set of recommendations and a roadmap for the insights unit to grow in their organizational maturity by setting up a strong data foundation.

Services Provided

  • Customer Research
  • Service Design
  • Experience Insights 
  • Process + Tool Optimization 
  • CX Roadmap

Value Delivered

One of the biggest breakthroughs was to help the team clarify their span of control over CX metrics. The final handoff included an experience score comprised of seven new experience metrics, a reporting template (by channel and service), and an activation plan consisting of 11 workstreams to support the implementation of the new framework.


New Experience Metrics Introduced


Workstreams Activated to Support Implementation