Modernizing Data Management for a National Educational Organization

The Problem

Using a DOS system from 1993 was proving challenging for employees whose tech expectations were driven by their digital devices outside of work. The client organization was feeling stuck in their attempt to innovatively modernize the employees’ centralized data management system and user interface. The company was burdened by numerous failed attempts at change initiatives and a failed attempt by a previous consulting firm to create change. They needed clear direction to successfully lead the testing and implementation of the new system. In addition to the rollout, the Propeller team was tasked with ensuring change was sustainable.


The Approach

Our seven-person team carefully crafted a pilot and rollout plan, including strategic communications, business readiness assessment, online training support, and a performance analysis program that aligned closely with the client’s culture. Stakeholder alignment was high priority, as many business units were impacted in various ways. Standardizing information created a repeatable and sustainable process with clear communication direction and the security of the client’s extremely sensitive data was always prioritized.

Services Provided

  • Change Management
  • Communication Training & Delivery
  • Technology Enablement & Implementation
  • Stakeholder Engagement

Value Delivered

The modernized system was met with enthusiasm from users and the client team was prepared to independently lead rollouts across different regional sites. In addition to a documented process, the team created online training capabilities to onboard and train new staff.  By developing performance analytics, the client team was also enabled to measure success.