New ways to satisfy changing customer preferences in global retail

The Problem

Buyers increasingly crave self-service in B2B commerce. While it may be inconvenient for some, heavy-handed sales relationships are a thing of the past. And so sales leaders at a global retailer challenged themselves to rethink how they segmented and served small wholesale accounts in order to elevate the digital customer experience while reducing overhead costs. Propeller was brought in to help leadership identify and align on investment opportunities to improve the end-to-end experience and enable the business to responsibly transition to a leaner salesforce over time.


The Approach

Propeller got to work first by understanding buyers’ goals, motivations, and expectations through persona development. We then mapped the current state digital journey to visualize common pain points. Through facilitation of a cross-functional workshop with senior leaders, we aligned on a CX vision, a blueprint for solution options, and priorities for the fiscal year. We set up a governance model to manage the roadmap, developed prototypes, gathered product requirements, and identified pilot opportunities to test with customers. We also provided expertise on how to stand up a voice of the customer (VoC) program in order to get ongoing feedback on early prototypes and understand the context of customer interactions across digital channels.

Services Provided

  • Design Workshop
  • Customer Research
  • Personas + Journey Mapping
  • Service Design
  • CX Strategy + Roadmap

Value Delivered

Propeller delivered personas and a service blueprint to support sales leaders in visualizing the end-to-end customer experience. This helped the client align on and force rank solutions. One of those solutions, a financial dashboard, was prototyped and tested. Technical and business teams were assembled to determine a pilot strategy. Product requirements and dependencies were documented in an executable product backlog. 


cross-functional leaders engaged in workshop


Solutions identified and prioritized in roadmap